Cast and Credits of "Beyond Lemuria" Film
NAMECreditsRole / Type of Credit
Cristofer Sanders1William Morgan,   
Lon Milo DuQuette1Hermes Trismegistus
"Poke" Runyon9Professor Marion Roland, Mendocus, Intragravatron Design, Elder Mach Design and Construction,  Producer, Writer, Production Design, Costume Design, Miniature Sets Design and Construction
Doug Carey6Dr. Daniel Fowler,  Lighting Effects,  Elder Mech Telaug Design and Construction,  Dero Vortex Effect,  Key Grip,  Special Effects
Gregory Jednack2Zoltan Nodesque,    Director
Mark Nelson4Dr. X,    Dr. Xavier Jones,    Videographer - Nan Madol Unit,    Intragravatron Design
Matilda Somerfield2Mary Pierson,    Costume Fabrication
Ann Brooks1Costume Design
Robert D'Asto1Dr. Leslie Pierson
Merrick Rees Hammer2Master Phylos,    Abaddon
Emily Trempe2Lila Valis,    Sister Lilith
Ed Fitch3Col. Rich,    Rev. Bobby John,    Line Producer
Ann Finnin1Secretary
Kevin Pollock1Hindu background student in Prof. Roland's class
Patrick Hew1Master Quong
Frater Solomon2Semyazza - the Fallen Angel,    First Edition Video Cover
Isabela Shahira6The Lemurian Priestess, The Dero Princess, Background Female Student, Web Developer, Graphic Design  Second Edition Video Cover
James Hurley, Jr.1The Dero Guard
Paul Clark1The Master Jesus
Victoria Lieding1Additional Dialog V/O
Caitlin Miller1Videography - Nan Madol Unit
Mitch Lieding3Cinematography,    Editing,    Intragravatron Special Effects
Geoffrey Mendoza2Lighting Assistant,    Lighting Technician
Adam Ruff1Production Assistant
Mathew Gaus1Craft Service
Bill Williams1Location Manager
Margaurite Kusuhara1Snake Wrangler
Jackson Shrub Supply1Cave Sets
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